We advocate the
progression of
We advocate the
progression of

Who are we.

NexClic envisions and advocates for the progression of technology. We embody developing industry-leading solutions which enable faster and more efficient delivery of content every second to millions of customers worldwide. The Company is committed to enhancing its technological capabilities and thrives on a sustainable growth trajectory built on innovation and excellence.

With over 20 employees worldwide, NexClic continues to expand with the acquisition and licensing of some of the most iconic brands in entertainment media.

NexClic is a global industry-leading information technology firm. Its headquarters is based in The Netherlands, but predominantly decentralized with offices in England, Bulgaria, France, Netherlands and Spain.

What we Do.

Search Engine Marketing

The SEM team mainly deals in brand exposure and improving ROI (Return On Investment) by leveraging lucrative, multiple, inbound marketing strategies.


The NexClic platform extends across multiple global data centres, and is designed to be secure, reliable, conventional and efficient for our customers.


Through proactive measures and a quintessential approach towards security, we focus on staying alarmed through stringent operations and technological measures to safeguard our assets and our customers.


NexClic relies on a Risk and Payment Management team to ensure digital purchases are conducted conveniently through a secure media and environment.

Creating the best user experience

At NexClic we want to offer the best UX (User experience) to everyone who visit our products and those of our partners. Using extensive testing and A/B methods we create the best UX, but also the highest CVR in the market.

Working together with the best

NexClic works together with the largest and best monetizing ad networks in the market. this way we make sure creating high ROI (Return-of-investment) for us and our partners.

Gathering, storing, processing and analysing billions of data points a day is a colossal challenge that NexClic Engineering embraces.
It takes a careful combination of internally developed solutions, open source technologies and enterprise software to handle this vast amount of information and its exponential year over year growth.
NexClic data scientists have developed sophisticated machine learning algorithms to mine the data and extract the meaning from the noise.